Handy colors

List of named colors

Create your own palette


  • Felt pens I

  • Felt pens II

  • Felt pens III

  • Bright candies

  • Pale candies

  • Mossy powder

  • Pale colors

  • Pale colors II

  • Warm and cold

  • Autumn

  • Autumn II

  • Autumn III

  • Sunrise

  • Sunrise II

  • Sunrise III

  • Bright

  • Bright II

  • Bright III

  • Sea I

  • Sea II

  • Red

  • Red II

  • Pink

  • Pink II

  • Pink III

  • Orange

  • Orange II

  • Brown

  • Sand

  • Yellow

  • Khaki

  • Green

  • Marine green

  • Marine blue

  • Sky blue

  • Blue

  • Orchid

  • Lilac


Though named colors are not ordered enough, they are incredibly convenient for creating demos: you needn't run a graphical editor to get some HEX-codes of colors, you needn't any color pickers because you can just type a name of the desired color. Named colors are great time savers!

I often use them while writing styles for markup or just playing with codes, so I took a list of named colors from the spec, sorted them by hue and brightness (visually) and created some palettes. I hope, my tiny tool will be useful for someone else : )

If you use named colors and have preferred color sets, feel free to contribute your palettes.

If you would like to see a selected palette right on the page while you write the code, there is an chrome extension for that.

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